View from inside the cruck pavilion

What Our Clients Say
(Praise that makes us blush)

"The way you work with the shape of the wood that nature gives you is a true art, and something rarely seen.  How you utilized the crooked trees, turning them into structural beams in your design is truly incredible.  The gazebo turned out just as you had shown in your drawings but in real life it looks so much better....

"I have to commend you on the way you worked with the construction crew that I brought in. It all went up precisely and flawlessly, all within 24 hours after arriving at my house for the first time.... 

"It was a real pleasure working with you."

Gary and Kary Myers (Full letter at Poolside Pavilion)

Jean standing in the completed timber frame

"Working with David was one of the best parts of building the house.  He encouraged us to understand how best to integrate the needs of the timber frame with the design of the house, and thus to improve the plan.... Despite geographical distance David was able to communicate clearly by email, letter, drawings and phone, giving thoughtful guidance throughout the design process as well as lending a supportive shoulder through some of the rougher parts.  When the frame went up it was just as we expected but even more beautiful than we had imagined.

"David was very honest and conscientious throughout the project.  We were always clear how framing options affected costs and how much we owed at each stage of the project.  When the inevitable delays and problems occurred these were clearly communicated and amicably resolved.

"David has an amazing ability to visualize the whole frame and to keep that vision in mind as he looks for just the right recycled timber or walks his woodlot finding just the right trees.  He then crafts this wood with incredible precision into a functional and beautiful sculpture.... All this planning and work come together with the raising of the frame.  We watched in awe as the carefully choreographed event unfolded.  In no time at all our house had bones, and a soul."

Jean Merritt and Bob Navazio (Full testimonial at Pekin Residence)

Living room with fireplace"David, your skill, artistic vision, and who you are made the journey a fabulous experience for us. We will think of you every day as we live here loving this house because it is the timber that makes it a unique work of art.  So many visitors have said that this is the nicest home they have ever been in...  It's all of the timbers that make it what it is.  For that we will always be grateful to you.  Thank you so much for everything."

Margi Starr (A Home for the Starrs)

"PS say hello to your sweet family for us."

Marie pounding a peg at the raising"What a great house our little ones get to come home to!  I will never be able to thank you enough for the amazing home you helped to create for us."

Marie Pelloni (Family Tree)


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