The newly raised timber frame and the extended family

Family Tree:
a family of many talents creates a home with a tree in its center

Marie and her husband Michael set out to build a new home for their young family on a wooded section of Marie’s family farm in Saxonburg, Pennsylvania.  Her brother Gabriel, an architect based in Colorado, designed the home with Marie.  And their parents, who run a commercial construction company, managed the project.

They approached us with a desire for a unique timber frame--one with live-edge elements (our passion) using trees from their own land.   Thru the summer we collaborated on the timber frame design, and in the fall began selecting and sawing trees from the farm. 

On a sunny weekend in June, Marie and Michael and much of their family helped to raise their timber frame.  The frame makes up the 2-1/2 story central living area of their home.  Matching, curved black cherry braces and struts, along with arched cherry beams define the kitchen, dining, and living areas, as well as frame the long views and generous passages.

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