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Dear David,

I just wanted to thank you for our new gazebo. The way you work with the shape of the wood that nature gives you is a true art, and something rarely seen.  How you utilized the crooked trees, turning them into structural beams in your design is truly incredible.  The gazebo turned out just as you had shown in your drawings but in real life it looks so much better.

I have to commend you on the way you worked with the construction crew that I brought in. It all went up precisely and flawlessly, all within 24 hours after arriving at my house for the first time.  Wow, I wish I could have had the rest of the project completed on that schedule!

A well-traveled friend of mine came to a party at our house. After sitting speechless in the gazebo, soaking it all in for about 15 minutes he finally said “This is absolutely the coolest thing I have ever seen”.  I have to agree with him. 

Thank you for creating a very special place at our home, David.  It was a real pleasure working with you.


Gary and Kary Myers

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