Reclaimed scissor trusses

Reclaimed Church Trusses (UPDATE: SOLD)

We obtained these heavy timber scissor trusses after a small church in Ohio was dismantled. They are very steeply pitched--17/12. The timbers are large--8x12’s and 8x10’s. And the trusses were well fitted by their makers—appropriately, as they were fully exposed to the interior of the church. The span of the trusses is roughly 29 feet; their original spacing was 10’8”. The possibilities are exciting and varied: a new residence, an inspiring studio or workshop, a restaurant or commercial building, great rooms, a pool enclosure, an open air pavilion, perhaps even a new church! 

The photos show one of the six trusses assembled in our shop yard. The original dark stain and varnish remain on the high quality douglas fir timbers. The trusses could be reused as is, (with merely a touching up of the scratches and blemishes from the dismantling). Alternatively, we could refurbish the timbers to reveal the warm tones of slowly grown, old-growth Douglas Fir, and likely sandblast and repaint the heavy iron tension straps to contrast with the warm color of the fir.

Although we most enjoy creating spaces with the more sensuous, live-edge hardwoods, there is something impressive, indeed captivating, in the scale and shape of these historical building pieces.

UPDATE: These trusses have been sold. Contact us if you have a project in mind involving reclaimed timber treasures.

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