Timber Frame Gazebo overlooking a stream in Ohio

Overlook Gazebo

Sandra and Arnold had long imagined a place in their park-like yard to entertain, enjoy meals, and rest while gardening. They learned of my work through a mutual friend and commissioned a gazebo. We conceived a plan extending from the very edge of the hill. (This provided a view of the stream, and also preserved their yard’s precious level ground around the gardens.) To simplify the foundation required over the steep hillside, we built trussed floor beams to carry a cantilevered deck. In the end, Sandra asked me to enlarge my initial proposal “to give us room to dance.” Because this project was close to my shop (and tempted by the promise of lunches fresh from the garden--a garden Sandra and Arnold have tended together for more than 50 years) we undertook all of the project’s construction, from foundation through slate shingles.

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